Saturday, June 18, 2011


I should be getting ready for the stupid community garage sale, that I must have been drunk when I signed up for.  But, other than a cabinet and drawer, I'm not so inclined.  Lord knows I need to be, I've got enough crap around here...maybe I'll just open the doors and post a sign...make me an offer...hum...

I've been busy. I HAD to do a lovely triptych of an ugly dinosaur for my youngest nephew's room. It's not MY design, it looks just like the comforter
 (so no, I'm not that bad at painting)...well, maybe I am.

Anyway, it's done.

And, then just because I love torture, we are reupholstering another chair.

This is just a side chair, that belonged to my grandmother Nash.
 It's seen better days.....

See, I gave my sister 6 of my dining room chairs, and now find that I'm in need.  I'm cool with this, as I wanted a different look, and this most certainly will be.  Stay tuned for the finished product.

Henceforth and hereafter, you may just call me Martha Stewart.... check out my roses.... I'm also a master gardener.

(okay, I lied about that too).  But, Grandma and Hallie would be proud!!


  1. From what I heard around town....YES, you were drunk when you signed up for the garage sale!!!!! LOL Thar is a gorgeous chair...can't wait to see it completed! I really think you 2 should start an upholstery business!!!!