Friday, June 10, 2011


My life seems to be crazy busy lately..

Last weekend, we had a 'Retirement party' for my mom. She's been helping kids get through Jr. High forever!! And although she was strict and they were respectfully in awe of her...they also really, really liked her.  Some even felt that her retirement meant the end of their Jr. High careers!!!

Interesting thing about mom, she is smart. Very SMART; sometimes annoyingly smart. Not sure what happened with my sister and I...   Once when she had a little heath scare, she had a scan of her head, and the Dr. said 'you have a LOT of brain in there'... ah yeah.

Anyway, Melissa and I jumped in on the planning, as originally two of her coworkers were planning it.  Of course we wanted to help, and so we butted in. Sorry Scott and Sandy!! It all turned out great. Scott had orchestrated the back room at one of our local 'watering holes' here in town. They did a lovely job with food, and flowers~ really everything, we were very pleased, and most importantly, so was she. She enjoyed seeing all the former coworkers and students that came. It was a great time.

Of course, Mark and I enjoyed having our kids and their boy/girl friends all together! Always a fun time.

Also, last weekend, we made the switch to iphones from our lame nextel/sprint ones that we'd been suffering with. The dropped calls were really on MY NERVES. Ugh, and the pompous little jerk with whom I last spoke with on this issue was the deciding factor. So we bit the bullet, paid the early termination fees and moved into the happy world of Apple. Mark and Jessica already had one, but Scarlett, Corbin and I are LOVING it.

On Sunday, we took Scarlett and Dan back to Chicago, so they could head off to work and Mark and I spent the day on the boat... it was a lovely day, a bit cool, but sunny and delightful.

  So much so, I felt compelled to take a nap!

On Monday, I headed out with 3 friends to a delightful cabin in Michigan. It belongs to the brother of one of these ladies. It's become an 'after school is out' tradition, as everyone (but me) is employed at the school.  It's only a little over a 3 hour drive and we always have so much fun. Eating, shopping, pontificating... and all over again the next day. It's right on Lake Michigan, and what's not to love about that?? When I say cabin, is use the term loosely, it's really an extremely nice house.

This year we broke a little from tradition and decided to charter a sailboat (NO it wasn't my boat). It was a 38 ft. boat, and the Capt. and his 1st mate were very nice men. We all really enjoyed it...well, until it hit... one of us (not me) got sea sick... and bless her heart, and she stayed sea sick the rest of the night.

We all felt really bad, she pretty much came home and went to bed. Like the wonderful mother's we are....... we checked on her.... when we got back from the restaurant.

Just got home to flooded Illinois, and the remnants of serious deck/hot tub entertaining.. Corbin, can you pick anything up??? REALLY????

Most serious, however, is the tree above my darling playhouse, that obviously had someone (dad) watching out for it from above, as a huge branch came down and by some miracle didn't hurt it. Whew... that would have broken my heart.

Must advertise my daughter's new blog... go here to check it out... she got her cheekiness from me... just sayin'

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