Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Whew... I'm so glad the weekend is over. It was a FUN one, but we RAN, all weekend.

It started on Thursday night, Mark came in (finally). OF course the 'ever efficient' O'Hare, allowed his plane to land, but then kept it on the ground, on the tarmac for over an HOUR as they didn't have an open gate. Really? UGH, I just love spending a couple hours at the Oasis, in the middle of the night.

Anyway, Friday we headed to Ravinia to see Maroon 5.

I had a lot of food, beverage coordination to do for that, and we had to leave EARLY so it consumed the day. My whole family went, and my sister and brother in law.

  We had a FAB time. Music was awesome and the weather honestly could not have been better. It was just a beautiful night. It's an hour and a half up there, so we got home late, very late.

Saturday, we hit the pool for Corbin's birthday, that is really today...

Had the whole crew (minus Scarlett and Dan and the new granddog, Jet)

Is he not cute?? He's a Yorkie Poo...mostly Yorkie.

My niece Chloe made the birthday cake for Corbin, she just completed a cake decorating class. Needless to say, she excelled at it!!

Sunday, we headed into the boat with Corbin and Ally.

It was a little hazy, but finally burned off, and was a great sailing day.

Interesting thing... Saturday, at mom's, Mom and Corbin were getting something out of the closet and an old hat of my dads fell out. Mom gave it to Corbin, he wore it on Sunday to the boat.

(looks pretty good on him huh?) This photo hangs in our boat, note the a fore mentioned hat on my dad... it's the same one!

Pretty cool huh? Dad would love it, that Corbin is sporting it, especially on a sailing adventure!!

After all day on the boat, we hit dinner on the way home. Corbin and Ally headed off to DeKalb, and Mark and I loaded up the t-bird, top down and headed to fire works.

Monday morning, we headed BACK to Chicago, to the boat. This time, Dan and his mom (who's here visiting from California) joined us.

Not much wind, but a whole lotta sun..it was a gorgeous summer day. After sailing around, we met Scarlett for dinner and then met up with their friends Heather and Matt and headed back to the boat. Hung out there, and watched the lights come on throughout the city, and finally fireworks from Navy Pier.

 ( No, Dan doesn't have a cigarette)

Dropped the two couples at their respective apartments and headed to a hotel at O'Hare. Mark had a VERY early flight, back to Houston, to rest up, from the weekend.

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