Thursday, July 7, 2011


That's a myth, they don't yell that...

I know this because the giant tree in front of my house was cut down today. I'm pretty verklempt about was a great OLD tree. It offered a nice nesting place for my squirrel population and some serious shade for my bedroom and porches. And, it was a totally cool treehouse feel for my upstairs porch. Sitting up there, you really were hidden and felt like you were indeed in a tree house...but, that's over.

The tree guys came early.  And I was planning on sleeping in...not happening.  The doglets assumed their place, on the back of the loveseat looking out the window... only, today, when there really WAS something to bark about, they didn't.  Go figure... Anyway, this was a tree in my parkway, so the Village arranged for the removal. I tried to get some pictures, but didn't do so great, I got a large piece of floating sawdust in my contact and gave up.

But, here you have it..

And actually, I don't so much mind how it looks... here's an old 'before' shot,
and here's the 'now' look

Don't mind the shavings and the cone... they eventually did disappear. And I did sweep up a ton and I mean a TON of shavings...ugh...

Oh, and one other thing... my sister has a foster dog I really, really want.  I just need to figure out a way to make Mark think like I do.  Actually on more points than just this dog, but for the moment...small steps~

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