Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last Saturday we had 10, count'em people on the boat. I was afraid it'd be to many...but it was fine.

No one fell over, or was knocked unconscious by the boom, and everyone had a good time. More or less.

We had my husband's siblings, cousins and their respective spouses. Fun people~ but then would you expect anything less, knowing us?

We watched the 'marine website' that my husband swears by, all week with cautious optimism. It appeared that the weather was going to cooperate. Sunny, a little cool and low waves.


It was indeed sunny, a little cool, but delightful, and as for low waves? They missed it that time. It was rough. Not too rough, but rough enough to make some people feel a little nauseous.

It had nothing to do with the large amount of beer consumed.

Nothing at all.

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