Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I get accused of 'shopping' a lot. Mark seems to think it's a big pastime for me.

Maybe he's right...

Point in case... the other day, I stopped to use the restroom, and was overtaken by a great piece of furniture. I took a picture of it, but resisted the urge. I didn't really have a place for it, and it could necessitate a whole room full of new furniture.  Redecorating can be that way....ugh...

But, a couple days later, I was forced to go back to the general area of the store (really it was a legit errand), so I thought I'd go in just to see if it was still there.  I was pretty sure it wouldn't be, it was really fab.

It was there, waiting for me!  Wow, meant to be, I'm telling you.

Another lady stopped to comment to me on how cool it was. I suggested SHE buy it, so I couldn't.  She just laughed. So....

I bought it.

Isn't it great? I'm not totally sure what I'm doing with it yet, it's traveling around in my house.

Mark, who was around this last week 'working from home' watching it move around from room to room, pointed out to me, that although he did think it was great, but.....just because I go shopping and fall in love with something, doesn't mean I HAVE TO BUY IT. I pointed out that, that isn't the case at all.  I go shopping and don't buy things quite often. His eyebrow disappeared into his hair line, and he just smiled that snarky smile at me.

So today, I proved him wrong.  Very wrong.  I can and do go somewhere and NOT buy something.

I totally resisted this.

So there Mr. Smartypants.....

Seriously, where does one store this until you 'need' it? And, what if you decide you want something different?  Then what? Throw that bad boy on your garage sale?


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