Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last weekend we had the annual 'last family sail'.
 For some reason, this year, we just didn't get many people out on the boat, our kids included. They came out, but definitely NOT as often as we would have liked. Seems like everyone is busy, us included. With that said, IF you got slighted this year and didn't get a sail invitation, fear not, you are not alone! It's not a personal thing, we just ran out of weekends. Next year....

Actually, this season seemed to be short.

I'm sure the fact that the month of June was sort of 'rained out'; and the fact that we were on the wedding circuit, including a couple out of town weddings, as well as other social commitments, played heavily into it. Or maybe the 'blush is off the rose'? Nah, that MOST certainly is NOT it. Never.

Anyway, as I started to say, but got so sidetracked... we had our last family sail of the season last Sunday.

The weather cooperated, with sunshine, it was a bit cool, and we had a great time.

All MY kids were there, the girls' beaux, and Scarlett's beau Dan's sister, Stacey.

She was here for a visit from California, and we were delighted to have her join us.

Corbin's Ally couldn't make it, she wasn't feeling well, and bless her heart she gets sea sick, so I can't say I blame her for taking a pass. We missed her though.

At any rate, we had a delightful time, sailing about and 'being part of the Chicago experience'. This is Mark's explanation for the people who feel compelled to take pictures of us sailing by. Weird, but true.

I don't know. But sometimes I feel like everyone at Navy Pier just wants a picture of us, living the dream.

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