Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last week was a week of craziness... we were running the whole week. Monday, Mark and I headed into Chicago to do a little tweaking of the condo.  He stayed the night to continue tweaking on Tuesday.  I took the train home as I had to take the doglets to the vet for their day of fun and rabies. Poor little Clem is getting skinnier and skinnier. She a whopping 3.6 lbs.  Her spine is kind of like a stegosaurus.

Wednesday, we celebrated Corbin's birthday as we always do, at the pool with a cook out.  It was SO delightful in Chicagoland last week... a balmy 100+ everyday.  Note that this is at 6:48 in the evening. 

We all had to stay wet, or in the house, but everyone had a fun time. It's always nice to have a family pool day.  He was very happy with his gifts.

 I can't believe he's actually 24.  Wasn't it just yesterday he was a 4 year old getting a battery jeep and recovering from a broken hip?

 My pictures aren't anything too special, my camera was hot too!

sporting some new Ray Bans

After the party Mark and I headed into Chicago to catch the fireworks from the boat.  Just the two of us.  It was a lovely night for a sunset cruise. Chicago really needs to step it up with the 4th of July again.  IT'S A BIG DAY FOR OUR COUNTRY, the fireworks need to be better than the every Wednesday and Saturday display.  C'mon Rahm, put a crowbar in the coffers and put on a show worthy of this great city.

The sunset was stellar, the night sail was delightful and the prosecco was delicious.

Happy 4th.....

 Thursday we shot into Chicago to hopefully catch Corbin and Ally on their helicopter tour.  That was Corbin's present from Ally- how cute is this picture?

My daredevil son said it was a little white knuckle (ish) taking off... but he loved it!

And rounding out this long picture heavy post is today...

What a day I had today.....

For starters... I stroll into the downstairs bathroom this morning to blow dry my hair, and it is flooded... like measurably flooded.  Water is dripping from the toilet tank, all over- WHAT A MESS.  But nothing like the mess in the cellar, where it all dripped down and ruined some of my stash of yarn and a lovely collection of odd size shipping boxes (that I saved to ship stuff in).  I've been meaning to clean out that corner of my laundry room..but not like this.  UGH.. Water was dripping from the rafters right by an electrical box.  Should have headed back to bed... but no, I had to take the dogs to the groomer.


I was stopped at a stoplight in DeKalb, (a neighboring town) with one little red car in front of me; we were both turning left.  The light changed, I was a little slow on following him, as I was looking at my itchy eyelid in the mirror.  As I pulled into the intersection I saw a car coming like a bat out of hell toward us... like at least 80 miles an hour.  The little red car was slowly turning, the oncoming car braked, his tires were smoking he was swerving my way, I swerved to the right and closed my eyes.  I heard the big crash, but felt nothing.  He missed me. I don't know how, but he did.  He hit the rear of the car in front of me, spinning it around, ran through the intersection and hit the curb.  The two guys got out, the driver fell down, got up and they ran.  In two different directions.  I  got out to check on the guy who was hit, he was okay.  Then I SWEAR no fewer than 20 squad cars appeared.  There were cops everywhere.  As some of them got out, they put on bullet proof vests and had big guns.  Like assault rifle, sniper guns.  And my doglets and I were in the middle of this.  An unmarked policeman came over and asked me if I was okay, and told me where to park so they could get a statement from me on what I saw.  I was shaking like crazy.  When the policeman took my info, he told me that the two guys were involved in an armed robbery.  Later I heard that they did indeed catch them.

I told him I was not having a good day... I said my bathroom was flooded and now this.  He said ' you are having a good day,  he came awfully close to hitting you'.  He was so right... so, so right.  The more I think about it, the happier I am to be alive, and unscathed.  And, believe it or not, not a piece of debris that was flying everywhere hit my car.

Lucky, lucky girl I am... and I'm really grateful for my allergic itchy eyelid... let me tell you.... really grateful.


  1. YOu definitely had an angel on your windshield today!!!! Thank God you are still with us!

  2. I knew allergies would come in handy some day. Thanks Dad, she can't leave yet.

  3. I was listening to the story about the armed robbery coming in to work this morning. Should have known if there was action you'd be in the middle of it. Glad no one was hurt.