Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We are on the countdown! Jessica's wedding is 11 (COUNT 'EM) days from today.


What am I doing sitting here blogging???  There are things to be completed, decisions to make (like WHAT dress I'm going to wear). But, I need some coffee, so I may as well prolong this moment~ right? Right.

you are such a bad influence on me.

In addition to OUR wedding hysteria. There have been a few other things going on.  Like other people's weddings.

We attended the wedding of one of our daughter's friends.  Scarlett and Heather have been friends since they were little girls, and she lived across the street.  It was a lovely wedding, beautiful bride and groom, and bridesmaids (one in particular was stunning)!!! Interesting venue, the ceremony was at the Swedish Children's Museum in Chicago.  I like these out of the box wedding places.  We had a lot of fun, I so enjoy all of Scarlett and Dan's friends.

I was in Houston last week. Always a good place to be.  It was a typical trip, too much eating and partying. HOT, sunny and Texas-like.  We didn't do anything too crazy, just lived like normal married people.  We flew in to Chicago on Friday night and had to hit the ground running. Our flight was delayed. Like 3.5 hours delayed, so we jumped on another flight. Got to say, having a husband who flies ALL THE TIME helps move you up the stand-by list quickly!

Saturday, no lounging around for us, Corbin and Mark had some tree work to do (to accommodate the tent for the wedding) and I had food to make for Ravinia.  It was our annual family night at Ravinia. This years selection was James Taylor.

(picture from Time out Chicago)

Now, Mark and I have seen him many times, but he's still great.  A bit older (aren't we all), still rumpled and laid back.  All songs seem a little slower, but he's just as wonderful a musician as ever.  Here's a snippet of a great time Trumpy-style.

Corbin & Ally

Jessica & Blain


Dan & Scarlett

when did we get so old?

we had a candle problem! 

and then... it got weird.... or maybe it just got normal.  Suddenly, everyone needed a shave....

and, I mean EVERYONE...

Bet you wish you knew how to have fun....

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