Friday, August 31, 2012

WEDDING #2....

Well, I took a week off from wedding hoopla...

but that week is over..

So now it's onto the next extravaganza...the Trumpy/Tallian wedding...

Tuesday, I headed into Chicago, with my navigational English girl telling me where to go from my dash.  Honestly, 2nd only to the seat heaters (LOVE THEM) I love my English accented navigational girl.  She gets me where I need to be, and sometimes ie: Tuesday, in a route I didn't know existed.  And, might I add, in an hour.  No traffic!!!

I was to meet Scarlett and 2 of her 6 bridesmaids in Chicago in a rather cheeky neighborhood to look at bridesmaids' dresses.  After arriving in timely fashion I searched out a parking garage.  Only to be told I was too tall.

Well not me...


My car. We have this problem in garages all over Chicago.  I wonder if parking garages are taller in England?

So I began looking for street parking. No easy task.. after 15 minutes, I found a place.  But it was on a one way street and OF COURSE it was on the left side.


So I did what any H-BR graduate would do... I channeled Mr. DeWerff and parked. Quite nicely, might I add. He'd of been proud, I am certain.

I walked several blocks to where I thought the place was and hung out waiting for the girls.  They arrived soon thereafter and we embarked upon this journey... the picking of the dresses.


Scarlett had done her homework, she'd already nailed a couple she liked, and the girls began trying them on.  The FIRST ONE WAS THE WINNER!!! Not in the god awful gold color the sample was in, thank you, a delightful dark blue- navy-ish, if you will.

I'd love to show you, but, it will all be revealed in January... sit tight.

So they all agreed this was the winner, and that was that. Over and done in an hour and a half. Whew- could everything be this easy? I think not....

Anyway,  we headed to a lovely Gold Coast outdoor restaurant and celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco and fun conversation.

Fun time to be included in this day with these delightful young women.  Well done on the friends Scarlett... well done.

Then they headed off to their Chicago lives, and I, well, I began the TWO AND ONE HALF HOUR DRIVE HOME FROM CHICAGO... 

gotta love rush hour.

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