Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If you are a regular here, you KNOW what last Saturday was....

Jessica and Blain got married!

It was a day to die for, PERFECT weather, sunny, a slight breeze, not to hot, not to cold...Perfect I tell you, just like the bride. She looked perfectly beautiful.  The groom looked pretty darn handsome too, let me just say.

Anyway, we had a very busy hectic week here last week.  Friday the tent people arrived with the tent, and all the tables, etc I had rented.

(Jessica getting ready to 'jump the broom'....)

 This was AFTER we began 'embellishing' the yard.  I had the fortune of one very talented friend, Donna who did the flowers and other 'touches' around here.  Jessica and I had made some lanterns out of jars, with rubber bands and spray that made them frosted glass. I got Corbin and Mark involved in putting handles on them and Donna added hydrangea and pretty bows, they hung around on various hooks, branches, and brackets around the yard.

We also used some old wicker funeral spray baskets and some great antique watering cans for flowers.  We decided to use garden flowers, and again, Donna and her mom Mary came through big time. GORGEOUS flowers, I can not thank them enough.

Jessica carried roses that I can not describe, so I'll show you a picture.  These were mixed with hydrangeas for her bouquet.  They were as unique and beautiful as she is.

I decided to put my kitchen table outside again.  Mark made enough leaves to stretch it out to it's full length... one BIG table.

I decided to stick it on the deck, and use my deck furniture in the yard, to create a 'lounge' area.  I liked it.  So much so, that the 'lounge area' is still there.  Kitchen table, on the other hand is back in the kitchen.

Also on the deck, I used old wash tubs for beer.  They looked fun, I think. And they worked quite well. The hot tub, had floating lily pads that were lit and changed colors along with some of the fairy berries.

 What, you may ask, are fairy berries?

They are cute little balls that cost way to much money and light up on and off.  In addition to the hot tub they were scattered all over the yard, tucked here and there.  I think they were a hit, some seemed to have disappeared!!!  I love a good party favor!  Speaking of that, we had a candy bar.  NOT a big chocolate one.. a table with jars of fun candy in various shades of lavender, of course.  It was fun, we had personalized hershey's kisses and M&M's with their names and pictures! So cute.  Fortunately, for my body, most of the candy went.

I had cute little bottles tied on bamboo holding flowers lining my sidewalk in the front. And on my front porch a GIANT portrait of Jessica and Blain.  Blain thought maybe I should always have it there... he cracks me up.

I resurrected a chair from my cellar chair collection to use in the front.  Bought a couple frames at Michaels, spray painted them and painted boards with chalk board paint to put in them.  These directed people to where the fun was.

While we were woking outside, beauty was happening inside.  There was hair being done, makeup being applied, and mimosa's being drunk.

The girls were having a lot of fun.  Scarlett's fiancee Dan was running around taking pictures and doing a great job might I add!

We had a whole lot of beauty in that room, a bevy of beautiful young women....

Believe it or not, we were all ready ON TIME, and everything I needed to do around here was done.


Stay tuned for the ceremony...

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  1. Well, it's abot time! Not sure how I feel about this "cliffhanger", though......I want wedding pics!!!!!!!!