Thursday, September 20, 2012


You all know how I feel about aging, (yes I'm STILL thinking about that).... but, last night was proof positive that it's really just a number.  A number that can get under your skin, IF you let it... which I am bound and determined to quit letting it get to me.

I saw Madonna in concert last night. 

Now she's about my age.  

We do not act the same.

Nor do we dress the same.

(photo from UK Mail)

Nor are we going to start.

BUT, with that said, I need a shot of adrenaline... and she needs an alarm clock.

The concert was to start at 8 pm, or so the ticket said.  My friend Karen and I got there in good time, time enough to wait in line for a drink and find our seats and have a couple minutes.

A COUPLE MINUTES???? How about 2 and 1/2 hours??? Now we all know I'm nothing if not a little lax in punctuality? (where'd you people think the term 'trumpy time' came from?) But seriously?

First Paul Oakenfold came out and did his thing with mixing music... it was cool, for the first 1/2 hour, maybe, but it seemed to go on and on.  We wondered if maybe we hadn't got the memo, and it had turned into a club night.  Then came the intermission.  Can we call it that? The main star hadn't actually started... where the hell was she?  I was not the only person wondering.  People were restless, looking at their phones, watches, getting more drinks (great ploy United Center).

Finally, she came out.  Her first 'set' was just not well thought out for Chicago.  It was all guns, blood splatter, complete with brain matter....murder... you know a typical Saturday night in the city.  REALLY???? I couldn't help but wonder how the two stupid women with their small children, YES I SAID SMALL CHILDREN, probably between the ages of 6-11 - 4 little ones, one rocking a hair bow, felt.  First of all, Madonna is an ADULT entertainer, Second, she likes the shock factor; Third, she's known for her adult activities.  Fourth,  she's got a rather colorful use of language (as do I, but not for little ears).  So in WHAT world would you think it was a good idea to bring your little ones, a school night no less?

Okay, I digress...

The concert started out too loud and she sounded awful. She came into herself, and overall I thought she ended up sounding great. The effects going on, on stage were FABULOUS. Her costumery was nothing short of what you'd expect from her, complete with a famous conical bra (see above) and dropped drawers reminding us their might be a 'full moon' tonight.  (Her words).

( photo from Chicago online)

She got in a political dig, and the crowd went wild, making me think this election MIGHT go well.... well, as well as it can with our current choices.

Long story short, she rocked the house, she needs to leave well enough alone with her oldies. Recognize that that is what your fans want to hear.  Not a version of 'Like a Virgin' so slow I didn't recognize that's what it was until she was well into it. Serious.  But, she brought the crowd to their feet several times, sang her heart out, and didn't fail to give us what we'd paid for.

However... she could have done all this 2 1/2 hours earlier, and we would have all been happier. And my poor friend Karen, would have gotten a decent night's sleep BEFORE her TV debut this morning... remember, Karen...Preparation H will make your eyes not swollen, and it will not make you a butt head.

You people didn't know you'd get beauty tips here too, did you???

"hOliDaY....CelEbRaTe...." going to be a singing day of that I am sure ~ maybe I should take fashion tips from Madonna...spice things up around here...

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