Saturday, February 9, 2013


Let the dancing continue!

Which it did for the rest of the evening. But that wasn't 'it' for fun.

There was the Photo Booth- this is a MUST HAVE at a wedding. Oh my.  As you can well imagine, as the night went on the pictures got funnier and funnier, and I think pretty much everyone got in there at least once, if not more.  The Photo Booth spits out one for the guest, and one for the bride and groom. Theirs goes in a book, which then can be signed by the guests, if wanted.  Such a fun remembrance of your evening, and your crazy guests!

Long about 10 p.m. or so, there was rumblings of a 'late night snack'.  Up came the freight elevator. The door opened and lights were shining out, a horn honked and into the reception pulled one of Chicago's Food Trucks!  He opened up his sides, little lights came on, and people lined up to enjoy what he was serving!  

Pleasant House Bakery serves THE MOST DELICIOUS meat pies, you've ever eaten. A True English  treat.  These darling little two bite size treats were served in paper boats, just like if you were snacking on the street! Three different kinds to choose from, and I'm sure many people sampled all three.  When Mark and I went to sample them before the wedding, I said, I'd just have a bite of his, I wasn't that hungry. After one bite, I said, get me a fork... oh my- can not tell you how delish the Bourbon pot roast one was.

Sadly, the night came to a close.  Funny how QUICKLY the evening passes.  All that angst, hard work and money- and bam... it's over in a flash.

Or is it?


We took the last trolley back, and headed to our suite. 

As did 50 or so other people.

After party?

Ah, yeah.  Alcohol and some left over donuts came with partiers and we set up for round two.  After an hour or so, security came to tell us to quiet down.  A little discussion with good old George Washington on our side, helped the security guy understand that this was a celebration.

However at 3:30 a.m. it wasn't something even good old George could help with.... it was over.

Secretly, I was glad. I was dead tired.

Another short night, and we were up, surveying the gigantic mess that was our room... oh my.  Looked like a frat house after rush.  Actually smelled like that too.  We had to clean up a bit, then shot down to the venue to collect the wedding gifts and high tailed it to the wedding brunch.

This was set up by the wedding party. A cute little spot, and a private room for us.  We all had coffee... and hair of the dog- mimosa's or bloodies....  everyone was a little peaked looking.  But it was fun to hear everyones take on the evening.

We headed over to the newlywed's apartment to watch gift opening.  They got some great stuff... makes me want to throw everything out and get new... Would that not be cool???

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Tallian went off to Thailand for two weeks on their honeymoon... oh to be young again.

p.s.  they made it back, now, onto their 'happily ever after'.

one more thing.. Most of the pictures aren't mine- I was having WAY too much fun to remember my camera... AND... once the professional ones come, I'll force you to look at those too!!!

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