Sunday, February 3, 2013

I DO.....

The kids went around Chicago taking outside pictures at many of the city's great places.  Jumping on and off the trolley. Scarlett was afraid Chicago's famous winds would mess her hair and makeup up- not to worry, all was fine!  The trolley kicked off the fun...

We arrived early at the venue, actually in a cab, that happened to come upon and follow the trolley in!  What are the odds of that happening in  Chicago? Came in in my leopard loafers with my fancy dress... always a fashion maven I am.  I was trying to save my feet, which were still hurting from the darling shoes from the night before. Old age and high heels just isn't working out for me.

Anyway, came in to a whole lot of scrambling.  The caterers crew, wedding planner and assorted other people were arranging and organizing things for the reception. The ceremony area was done, and lovely.  I, of course, being me, felt compelled to reorganize some of the arrangements.  They weren't exactly where I wanted them to be.

The wedding party was sequestered in the back room with bottles of water and some food.  After riding around Chicago drinking and posing, we thought it might behove them to have something in their bellies.

Scarlett and Dan were having more pictures taken and Scarlett was stressing about the dirt on the bottom of her dress. At one point, I saw a bridesmaid on the floor, with some sort of spot cleaner getting the dirt out BEFORE the train was once again steamed as it had been bustled for the trek around town.

Word came that the 1st trolley was arriving, and the Prosecco, which was to be served in the freight elevator while guests were coming up, wasn't quite ready. Not sure why, but this was a issue with the caterer from the get go.  It was going to happen. Period.  If you know me well, you know 'no' isn't a word I embrace happily.  So the elevator went down to get guests, and I sent word that it was to come up empty.  I'm sure people wondered what was happening...

We served Prosecco in the elevator.

Anyway, people were milling around, we queued up and snuck around to begin the processional. I was seated by my son, and it all started.  The girls all came in escorted by a groomsmen, and finally, the curtain parted and in came Scarlett and Mark.

She was smiling and relaxed looking.  She was nervous that she'd faint or something.  Not to be, she was all good.  Mark answered his 'who gives this girl' question, shook Dan's hand, kissed her and turned around... looked confused started to go the wrong way then turned back and sat by me. Who's nervous here? He said I was hidden from him by a pole... right.. what about the rest of his family?!

The ceremony was done by a family friend. A retired judge, who really doesn't do weddings happily, but told Scarlett he was such a good friend of her grandfather (my dad) that there was no way he was going to say no.  That made it even more special.  She had a good friend sing, who might I say sounds just like Nora Jones, and another friend accompanied her on a keyboard.
And, just like that it was over.

After what seemed like hours, we were done taking family pictures and it was time for us to join the reception.. I was definitely ready for a drink and something to eat, and quite frankly to change my shoes!!! No, I didn't go back to the loafers, I had some other heels to don, and Jessica stole mine. It was musical shoes!

Time for the wedding party to be introduced.

Food was served and people were milling around to the various stations enjoying all sorts of things.

 Dessert came out- donuts. Yep, donuts, they are the new cupcakes, or so I've been told and actually have read.  They were all served on various serving platters at different heights.  Scarlett and I scoured thrift stores for candle sticks and plates, and she and her friend Abby assembled them.  Very fun presentation.

Time for toasts.

 I asked Mark what he was going to say, he said he was flying off the cuff.  He was awesome.  Started off with her rocky birth and went on to how proud of her we were.  Made many a tear... not from this woman however- remember the makeup???  Maid of honor Jessica was next- she also did an awesome job. She'd been practicing all day so she wouldn't cry- she did great. Followed by Best man Scott. He too did a fabulous job- bring a tear to EVERYONE (yeah me too) when he mentioned his dad, who passed away a couple years ago at WAY to young of an age.  We are so sorry we never met him, everyone speaks so highly of him, I think we'd have really liked him.

Anyway - the dancing began.  Scarlett and Dan kicked off the dancing,

 followed by Scarlett and Mark. We'd discussed the song, and finally settled on the perfect selection. 'When Scarlett Smiles' by Michael McDonald.

Stay tuned for part three... the rest of the evening....

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