Friday, January 22, 2010

and now it's FRIDAY....

and, I've knit that stupid ass sweater another time. My husband will be home tonight, so he can 'try it on' and see what's wrong with it this time.

I received my packet for my knitting project that I was selected for... and I really want to delve into it.. but the sweater beckons. Once I know whether or not it's the right fit, I may spin off and go onto the 'project'.

I have a headache. I ALWAYS have a headache, but this one is a big one. I am really tired of headaches. I think I am allergic to my house. SERIOUSLY. I do. I think 100+ years of dust, horsehair plaster and old is causing my sinuses to go berserk. So, until this economy turns around, or my husband figures out what he wants to live in I'm stuck in full headache mode here in V.H. (Victorian Hell)

On to CHEEKY RADISH... I'm unfolding a new logo.... it came to me yesterday when I was listening to a 2nd grader read. So, you are asking, is it childish? Am I childish? What is childish? I bet you are sorry you asked.....

Keep checking Paper Popsicles ( where they are having extremely fun challenges and GIVE AWAYS)and here... for the unfolding, you know you just can't wait.

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  1. I have the same damn headache for the past 2 months! Waiting for ENT to call Monday about my CAT scan of sinuses. I just want to rip my eye out!!!!! UGH!