Saturday, January 9, 2010

A BABY....

Got your attention there, didn't I. NO, not one of my kids...thank you- not that I wouldn't LOVE a grandchild, but, they need to be in the right 'place' in their lives, and they aren't.

Anyway, a friend's daughter had a baby boy this week and I knit him a hat and little mittens. How cute are they?

It was so fun to do, I'm thinking of doing a couple more- surely someone else I know will have a baby and I'll be at the ready.


  1. WOW....u did get me on that one! Such adorable hat & mittens!

  2. Love that cute little winter set.I sometimes miss my 24 years on the east coast.Sometimes.

    This is Zoey's mom,Heather and I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on the "issue" going on over our way.Mind boggling really.The word family has come to evolve and take on a whole different meaning to me.Vastly different then what I use to envision.Anyway,thank you.I appreciate it more then you can possibly know.

  3. That is darling. Maybe we could squeeze one on William?