Monday, January 4, 2010


Unfortunately, my sister is younger than I am. By 5 years....

Today is her birthday, and I well remember her birth day. She was born at home. Not planned, it just happened. My mother was making breakfast (she did that kind of thing, actually at the stove, not just out of the box) and sent me to find my dad upstairs. Quick. There was much hoopla... my grandma arrived, my dad's friend (now the local undertaker- my dad was the local undertaker in those days)and eventually the Doctor...however.

My dad's friend was to keep me occupied while my dad and grandma waited nervously for the local doctor and as it turns out delivered the baby. I remember a lot of hysteria and yelling and Phil trying to keep me occupied. He is a bachelor- had no 'kid' experience other than seeing them from time to time. I don't remember him actually distracting me- he probably just paced... Anyway, the doctor finally arrived. I greeted him at the door and informed him he was to late, probably with my hands on my hips.

I was very excited. Being a spoiled 5 year old they had been hyping this baby for ever. I expected a Gerber baby, one tooth, curl of hair on her head, maybe even a bow, sitting up.. you know about 9 months old. That was NOT what we got. My dad brought her out. I stood (yes, stood on the white chair) and I got my first look. This was no Gerber baby. As I remember, this was a wrinkly red prune-ish plucked bird. And to boot, they wheeled my mother out and took her and the plucked bird away. I was mighty disappointed.

I went to Kindergarten that afternoon with big show and tell to offer. Upon completion of this tale, the teacher, an 'old school' teacher, looked at me suspiciously and said, sit down Ardith Ann and quit making up stories.


Anyway, the prune-ish plucked bird, flourished and is a creative, beautiful woman, great wife & mother and animal lover, good friend and MY sister.

So Happy Birthday Melissa.

This is where I'd really like to post a photo of the two of us- me the 5 year old and her the plucked bird, but I can find one- so use your imagination!!


  1. That's so nice of you that I'll let the plucked bird remark go.

  2. Oh ARDITH ANN you had me cracking up!!!!!! Great story!