Saturday, May 7, 2011


We've had a busy, busy week... driving back and forth to Waukegan, working on the boat. Love the boat, do NOT love the 'readying' of the boat.
 This year, in addition to the painting of the bottom, waxing the outside, scrubbing the dirty winterness off, installing a new fan and Mark contorting himself to try to address the water system, we reupholstered the cushions.
And this, of course, necessitated redoing the pillows, and getting a new rug. Which I did find and order, and am anxious to get!

 Mark took the week off... this was NOT even close to don't mistake it as one.  We were either in Waukegan, or he was sequestered in the living room working 'remotely' on something job oriented, or on a conference call, sometimes even while at the boat. 

All week we watched the weather, and decided...... was the day!!

Yesterday, we headed into Chicago, picked up our passes and parked our car. We were verklempt to discover our parking for the season isn't as convenient as it had been. The city is redoing our parking garage, and we now have to walk a block. Not a big deal, unless you are carrying a lot of stuff..which we often do. Funny how there is a lot of eating and drinking on that boat. But, it is what it is.  We found the new garage, and caught the train up to Waukegan, spent the night and headed over to the harbor this morning.

Our 'set sail' time was 9 am... we were actually there early, and ready to go. The boat was not.

  So, in spite of the uncharacteristic earliness of us this morning, we got a late start.

Headed out at 10:15... made it to Chicago in 5 1/2 hours! It was sunny, windy, and fairly warm. Actually pretty much perfect for an early season sail. Except for the storm that brewed up just North of Chicago, and trailed us...

 eventually dropping a few raindrops on us, and some gusty winds, but nothing to dreadful.

We found our buoy, and I attempted to bring us into it... and after a couple false tries did get us there.

I planned to take a bunch of photos... but... I also planned to make a living as an artist... so much for my plans.

...the season has begin!

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