Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I had a nice one. All 3 of my kids remembered!

From Corbin, I got an awesome plant.

From Scarlett I got this darling bowl and frame.

And from Jessica I got this adorable little doll,  of course I had the perfect chair for her!!

Pretty good haul huh? And, from Mark, of whom I am NOT his mother (but sometimes feel like I am) I got a bracelet, a scarf, a jacket and an HOUR long massage.


And, he took us all, including my mom out to dinner in Chicago. It was fun to have everyone there. (Although we were missing Blain and Ally) but, it was very nice none the less!

Other than that, our weekend was spent working on the yard and the deck. See, I bought a hot tub, and it necessitated a little deck repair and some pressure washing.

and after....

Now, I just happened to know of a company who does this... Backyard Solutions. Not only is the workman handsome, but he also does a FAB job.

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