Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've been cleaning like crazy.

Yesterday, I spent a 'full work shift' of 8 hours working in Corbin's room. Now, one might wonder what possessed me to spend a WHOLE DAY in there cleaning like I was hosting a surgery in that room.... Well, let me just tell you....

I'm having house guests....


if you remember correctly, I don't like house guests, at all. Now, let me say, it's NOT that I don't like THESE house guests, it's any house guests. I'm not choosey. 

We have other currently empty bedrooms, but, Corbin's has a queen sized bed in it, so it's the most comfy... it was also the most in need of serious help.

After the day of cleaning, I felt the need to do a little redecorating, so I felt compelled to go shopping.


Not only does his room have some new accoutrements, but so do I.  A girls gotta have a little something after wrestling a queen size mattress to afix a dust ruffle ~ right?


So, don't even ask me if you can come stay here, I'm not in the mood.


p.s. children who once lived and your girl/boyfriends do not fall into the 'guest' category. So feel free to come stay anytime!!! You can even bring your hounds.

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