Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm just a lame excuse for a blogger lately.

And, I'm really a lame excuse for a photographer too.  I've either forgotten my camera, or taken it, and forgotten to use it, or, chosen NOT to use it. So pictures in this post are sparse.

But, I've been busy, nothing extremely important... a lot of silly running, wasting time and just plain having fun.

So, a recap of the last couple weeks.... I survived my house guests.  Even though I KNOW that I won't die from having them, I still enter into it with a sense of dread. Unfounded, but there! At any rate, I lived through it, as I always do, and always will.  Maybe I need to analyze this with a zillion dollars worth of analysis??? nah.... 

We did have another little house guest... our granddog Jet came to stay while his parents went to Lollapalooza.

He certainly injected a whole lot of energy into the joint! My doglets were a bit snarly at the 'need' Jet had to play!  This also meant they had to share their chewies and toys. Sharing is NOT in their vocabulary.

We got a kick out of him. We returned him, he slept ALL the way home in my lap like a baby, on his back, sound asleep.

His mother told me he was pretty exhausted the rest of the day but returned to his wild man self the next day.

I had lunch with my college roommate. Well, I use the term lunch loosely, we start at about 10:30 and go all day. There is always so much to discuss, much laughing to do, and of course a bit of shopping...oh, and if there's time, some eating. Funny how we meet now and then and pick right up where we left off.  Love her.. 

Last weekend, we headed to Milwaukee for our niece's graduation party.  She graduated from graduate school with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is Mark's sister's daughter; so we enjoyed seeing the family and hanging out. My whole crew went, and Scarlett brought Jet.  Once again, he was an energetic little weasel, having a great time with another furry guest!

Sunday began the week of 'Mark working from home'... (or as I call it vacation?) and we thought we'd hit the boat. Ah...not. Lake Michigan was seriously ugly. Waves that were unsafe, although sunny and warm, no sailing for us.  Monday...more of the same.  Tuesday we went shopping.  We 'needed' some stuff for the boat, and I had to get a shower present.

Tuesday was our anniversary. 31 years. That's a long time in today's world. Sad, but true. But, at any rate, we've managed to last it out! hehe.  And, those of you who have read this blog a while, might remember me mentioning that Mark may have some things about him that bug me...but...undoubtedly he is the BEST GIFT GIVER. I am seriously thrilled with this years gift. Some serious bling...and all girls, young and old love some bling. 

Wednesday we headed into Chicago, met up with Scarlett, drove around looking at neighborhoods, noting how Chicago really has some cool properties.  And also how the neighborhood can be FAB, and a half block away, frightening.

We stayed in there Wednesday night. Had a Groupon for Buddy Guy's that we needed to use.  Now those of you who don't know what a Groupon is, check it out... fun deals on fun things.

We'd never been to Buddy Guy's and really didn't know who was playing, but we had a great time. Mr. Buddy Guy himself was in the house and came up and did a couple numbers with the band.  If you're lucky enough to be there when he is there, you are in for a treat!! It was a fun night. 

Thursday we were joined on the boat by Mark's brother and his wife. We always have a great time together, and I'm ashamed to say this was the first time they'd been out on our boat this summer.  We just haven't had that many people on the boat this year. We've had a lot of stuff going on and weather issues and, we've been negligent in inviting. But we spent a lovely day sailing around, snacking, just enjoying.

So, that about sums it up. But.... (insert drumroll here).... this weekend is the Air & Water Show in Chicago. We are entertaining both days on the boat. So, I WILL take my camera and I will use it and I will stop being a slacker.  Honestly, I'll try.

One final note.... my city girl has opened an Etsy shop iamscarlett (something I need to do) and I'd like you all to have a peek.  She's talented in many ways, so don't be shy, shop freely! You won't be sorry!!

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  1. BLING?????? what kind of BLING???? Off to check out Scarlett's etsy!