Monday, August 22, 2011


It was Air & Water Show in Chicago this last weekend, and if you have a boat, the place to be is out on the lake.  I kind of feel like they put the show on just for the boaters. They zoom overhead, appearing to just miss your mast, altering the beat of your heart and amazing everyone.

We headed in on Saturday, in spite of the fact that it was really overcast and beginning to sprinkle. We had sunshine in our hearts... not for long.  Loaded up the Rover with Jessica and Blain, Corbin and Ally, Mark and I and enough 'stuff' to go around the world, a time or two.  It poured on the drive in. I mean REALLY SERIOUSLY NASTY poured. We kept driving.

Got in there, parked, marveled at the soaked people who were packing it in and going home.  What, have they no faith?? We meandered our way underground through the parking bowels of Chicago and popped out on Michigan Avenue and headed to a restaurant we've taken a fancy to. We'd have a drink, wait out the storm. Mark assured us, it'd just be another half hour. Right.

We drank our fill, and headed out, it was still a little drizzly. Made it to the entrance of our garage and it let loose again.  We waited, Mark stood by his 'another half hour' thing (we were now at 3 half hour increments of time).  But, lo and behold, was that blue out west? We headed to the pier.

Guys got the boat, and we loaded our stuff.  Heading out, the sun broke through the clouds and it became a beautiful day! The show resumed and because so many people gave up, we got in pretty close!! It ended up being a 'shorter' version of the Air Show but, we saw the fighter jets, and oh my, it is so brilliant to see.  Here's a few pictures to show you what you missed....

We headed in on Sunday, this time with my mom, Scarlett and Corbin.  Dan was in Florida, visiting his grandpa, and Ally had some stuff she needed to get done. My sister's family was going to come, but decided against it, so off we went. This time, the weather was perfect! Sunny, hot, breezy - delightful. 

My good camera, that had given me such great pictures the day before, really let me down... the battery was dead. I was so disappointed. I had my little one, that is actually a really good little camera, but not so great for catching a flying by jet.  There's no viewfinder, so it's hard to follow through the LCD.  Anyway, here's the few shots I did get from Sunday.

Mark can NEVER just sit still!!

We had a great time, but, as Mark said, we need to go back to work to relax!!

Too bad, I don't rest for the wicked.. or something like that.