Wednesday, December 9, 2009



But so WORTH IT! As you know, we live in Victorian Hell... and my floors, although beautiful are hard wood and old. They were/are in need of refinishing. The kitchen was in the most need, and I'd been complaining about how it needed it FOREVER.

So, how could I balk at the suggestion that we do it last weekend? Even though the Christmas trees are up, and it house is all decorated? And that this is a dusty endeavor- a major dusty endeavor. So we researched, picked a new 'commercial' grade finish and spent the weekend addressing it.

The sanding process was grueling... my poor husband bore the brunt of it; but I helped.

Yes siree bob, I helped. My body had to be contorted into unnatural positions to sand the area UNDER the cabinets. Any my son, managed to drag himself off the couch and helped for a couple hours. But my husband and I spent the WHOLE WEEKEND - Saturday through Monday working on it.

Dust was EVERYWHERE- on everything- furniture, decorations, floors, window treatments even the dogs...

Now no on can walk on it in shoes until next Sunday and that's a pain. The dogs are conditioned to go out that door- they totally don't get it - I'm schlepping them in and out so their little toenails don't touch it. I have to have shoes on the porch, and cross the floor in my's snowing on the porch- so I'm just not too happy. But it is worth it. Really. It is......

It looks kick ass. I mean kick ass!! This is WHY I love my Victorian Hell- I do...mostly...really... don't I?

But now, the other rooms look really shabby... and REALLY need it. Terrific.

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  1. Hey! Our floors match! You're right-totally worth it! But the dust is hell! Nice job!