Saturday, December 19, 2009

WOW...What a movie

I saw 'Precious' with a good friend. All I can say is WOW. See it, there are parts that are hard to watch, but it is FABULOUS. If Mo'nique doesn't win the Oscar there is no justice. She was unbelievably good, in my opinion...

So there is my suggestion for your weekend entertainment. Unless, that is, like me you have Christmas shopping, wrapping, etc. to do. But hey, you DO still have 6 days.......

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  1. Hey Girlfriend! While I love a movie...a good movie...I am swamped with holiday madness. My Christmas begins tomorrow night with my family arriving at my house to stay through Thursday and I have yet to finish shopping and not one gift is wrapped. *sigh* Where are Santa's elves when you need them? Hope you have a wonderfully merry Christmas! xoxo L

    P.S. Loved, loved, loved your comment on my blog about Houston. You are a riot!!!