Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, a couple weeks ago, I left home with one LARGE suitcase, and one small carry on with my laptop, book etc in it. After extending my trip another week, I find I must take TWO suitcases home in addition to my carry on. Guess I did a little shopping. It's a curse, I'm gifted that way.

So, frankly, I could really stay. Not a pressing thing to do EVERY DAY. My husband breezes in for a light snack(ish) type lunch, he heads back and I'm left with an afternoon, of NOTHING PRESSING TO DO.

Evening rolls in and he comes home (like a normal married couple) and we have might head out for a walk (weather permitting) then a drink, and discuss where we are going to eat. There are a plethora of delightful restaurants, and my husband is known at them all. Then, often we head back and go to the restaurant/bar on the first floor of his building and hear the live band.

Have I mentioned I love live music? Well, I do.

So, would you want to go home to Chicago, where it is the frozen tundra? I think not.

Sweet home... Houston.... it's got a ring to it....

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