Sunday, February 20, 2011



To which I'd have to say, lately, NO.

We were gone over the weekend. To my sister in law's fab cabin in Northern Wisconsin. We had a great time. Drove up on Friday, got there around 5:30ish, and began enjoying the weekend.

Saturday morning, we got ready for 'Winterfest' on the lake.
Yep, in February, we were heading to a party on the lake. The frozen lake. We jumped on the 4 wheelers (well, I reluctantly agreed).

Those of you that have been around a while, know I HATE THEM and why, and if you are a new reader, you can see why here. 

My husband and I following his sister and her husband slid down the icy road to the trail that took us to the lake access.  They headed out onto the lake, zooming along until they cracked through the ice.  Ah,  yeah, not far from where their poor neighbor did the same thing last year and unfortunately died....

Anyway ~

My sister in law jumped off, we came to a screeching halt, and watched, as her husband rocked it back and forth out of the 6 or so inches of water.  The lake was frozen, like 20 inches frozen, there was just a bubble there. With slush and water.... it really was scary.

We turned around, loaded up the Land Rover and drove AROUND the lake to Winterfest.  Everyone was very nice and welcoming.  There was food and drink a plenty.  Golf on the ice;

ice fishing; cars, SUV's trucks and 'shanty's' on the ice. 

NOT my SUV , however.

After spending the day, we headed back for dinner and and evening of games.  They love to play games and we always have SO much FUN when we do, I don't know why we don't play games.  Then again, I suppose it helps if you are in the same state when you are playing.  Silly me.

So unfortunately, we all had to head out earlier than we wanted because a major snow storm was hitting Wisconsin. We saw no fewer than a dozen cars in the ditch, drove through snow, sleet, and finally rain.

So, I'm home.  Who's to say for how long though.....

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  1. That was quite the adventure! It is very hard to get me on ice, after your story, it will be impossible.