Saturday, February 26, 2011


I had such a busy week, let me tell you....
There was something or somewhere I had to be everyday... but the highlight of my week was my day spent 'thrifting'.

My city girl came out to spend a couple days and she wanted to go to thrift stores. She was specifically looking for old jewelry, chains to be exact, that could be remade to use in her jewelry creations. So, readers, clean out your old stuff and send it to her.... or me, to forward to her.

Anyway, we headed out. Off to her college town, where she had some specific shops she wanted to hit. Getting there, we found a primo parking spot, headed to the 1st store, only to be told that whole side of the street was without power. REALLY???? She came all the way from Chicago and this? ERGHHH.

We headed to the south side of the street, and killed an hour or so, headed to another block, pawing through more cast offs of other's lives, only to find nothing she 'needed'.

Finally the electricity came back on and we were able to go into the store I really wanted her to go into. See, a week or so before, my friend and I were in there, and saw this lamp... it was just such an interesting find.... and 'so' my funky daughter.  She definitely decided she needed it, so we got it, an early birthday gift. 

Kinda leaves you speechless doesn't it?


  1. Yes, wow, that is a very unique lamp, It could double as a sushi platter. Poorly lit sushi is no laughing matter.

  2. Thanks for making me covet! LOVE it!