Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, when we bought this house, a hundred years ago (or so it seems) I was SO EXCITED. It was like stepping back in time. Oh my, there were marble sinks, MARBLE!! And RADIATORS! And HARD WOOD FLOORS all over the house. And the windows have 'runny glass' you have to look through them 'just right' to see clearly. Oh, and let us not forget the transoms above the doors... wow... so what if they don't shut tight- aren't they cool? Ah yeah.

Twenty + years later, I still like the marble sinks...but am always wondering if I'm cleaning them right? Probably not. Oh and there is the problem with the one that had a large chuck fall out of the bowl.
We glued it in and it seems to hold water...but...yeah, for how long?

I HATE the radiators. The damn things are in the way. Wherever I want to place a strategic piece of furniture, I can't, there's a radiator in the way
...and the heat.  It's DIRTY.  Really dirty.
The windows... still like the runny glass okay, but the breeze that comes in around them...well I could sure live without that. And it blows around the damn dust balls that seem to appear out of now where and are the same size as a guinea pig.

The transoms....nail those bad boys shut. Period.

Then there are the floors... they are lovely, when they don't have the a fore mentioned dust ball tumbleweeds and/or the tracks from wet shoes (a lovely bonus for this time of year).

So with all this said, I decided to hire a cleaning lady. I mean, really, how can one woman do all the things that need to be done to maintain a lovely old home? Right? Right.

So, I gotta go clean, before  she comes. ugh.


  1. Hi there Cheeky Radish, you may want to pop along to see me as I have a nice surprise waiting for you!! And from your beautiful surroundings my surprise is going to a wonderful home :)
    Lynn #744 on the OWOH list
    Lynn's Designer Creations :)

  2. Hi! New to your blog - just read the account of your son's ATV accident, and cried. Hope all is well, now, and so sorry to hear of your aborted (postponed) 30th anniversary trip to the Amalfi coast. We celebrated ours this last year, too, and I would have loved to go there! Went to Boston instead. Sigh. Anyway, I had to comment on this post about your grand, old home. We sold our beloved 114-year old house to have this one built. I complained about the wood floors/dust balls, too. Now I have carpet everywhere, and would give my left arm for hardwood floors throughout! A dust mop is so much easier to use than a Vac, and you can get under things with it. We have become accustomed to the advantages of a new house, but I still - after 12 years - yearn for the character of the old one. The grass IS always greener, I guess.