Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm home from Texas.

The weather is NOT welcoming at all. Corbin and his pretty girlfriend picked us up last night at the airport. It was cold, raining and Mark didn't have on socks. He's a southern boy at heart... or just ready for summer.

We stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I like a place where the waitress knows you and brings you 'your' highball (told you I was going to use that word). We had a nice time, followed by a dessert tray courtesy of Tara (the GREAT waitress).

And so we are home. Back to the reupholstering project I mentioned earlier. It's still here waiting. Like a bad nightmare revisited.

It's the boat cushions. When we bought the boat it was upholstered in a hunter green...with a small oriental rug to match- really? That's so not my look. At all. So I decided after MUCH searching to choose something more 'me' and more nautical(ish).

I got a bid from an upholsteress, and with raised eyebrow, thought she's crazy. Like I'd pay that... we CAN do it. Right. Well, we could also run around naked, but we have sense enough not to... but no sense here. I ordered the fabric, a modern take on a starfish for the v berth and a lovely stripe for the sofa and loveseat. Yes, A STRIPE. What was I thinking? They have to match, the stripes I mean.... let's just torture yourself further Ardith. Like this isn't stressful enough. Ugh.

Anyway, it's coming along, and I really am liking it.


It needs to be done ASAP... it's a mess in my dining room... and..... stupidly I said I'd have Easter. Why do I do these things to myself?

I'm thinking of going with more of a cocktail party theme.... it's MY kind of entertaining, or maybe, an old fashioned hippie motif. We could all sit on cushions on the floor....

I know where we can get some cushions. Far out, man.....

Happy Easter~

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