Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love my doglets. Actually in my grown-up married life, we've always had a dog. I'm a dog person. But....... it's true, I love the day they head to 'camp'.

That's what I've always referred to it.

It's the day they are gone to be groomed. And what a sweet deal it's always been. We've had a groomer, that has groomed our families' dogs forever. She groomed the evil Inky (the biting poodle) and onto Tweaky (the soccer star poodle) dogs of my childhood.

Anyway, when Mark and I got married, she groomed Sadie, the tiny Yorkie, our first born!!

When we added Sweet William, (Willie), a supposed Yorkie, but MIGHT have been a small warthog, or werewolf, she groomed him too.

After that, came Phoebe, the Maltese, she also was groomed by Donna Dog (as we called her).

Enter the rescues, that came DAMN close to costing me a husband, (lighten up already Mark) and they go off to her too.

She even keeps them at her house when I travel. What a sweet deal. They love her, and she loves them, and her husband, he ADORES tiny dogs, and they are nothing if not tiny.

Now, what is so sweet about this deal? What isn't? Let me tell you.... She comes from about 40 minutes away and picks up the dogs... keeping them all day, then returning them later in the day looking beautiful, hairbows and all!! Even smelling good.

But, it's over. She's moving. Yep, they are heading south.... I'm sad. The doglets are sad. Mark's sad... who's going to keep them when we travel?

Did you know the airline charges $125. each leg, for each doglet? UNDER YOUR hello, they fit in my carry on. Weigh far less than my 'stuff' I take to occupy myself, and they are adorable...

Wonder if they can get frequent flyer miles? Or upgrades?

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  1. Chunk is jealous you didn't mention him, he has been to see Donna.. and Molli is upset by the fact that she can't go get a hair bow.