Friday, April 22, 2011


 Yesterday we sat on a pier out in the Gulf of Mexico discussing how we really need a 'Home by the Sea'.  


And we do. We both are revitalized by a trip to the beach, maybe even me more than Mark, then again, maybe not. At any rate, the sound, the smell, the mist in the air, the wind, which EVERY time I'm on Galveston Island is STRONG. Then again, it is Texas, thus it is BIGGER and in some ways better, I'm beginning to think....

Mark played hooky, and called me yesterday about 2:00 and said, I'm on my way home (see now I refer to the apartment as home); let's head to the beach. Well, that's all he had to say, I was flying around getting ready.

We packed up our stuff, headed down to the parking garage, and our car was missing. I felt that, lump in my throat feeling of disappointment. NOT that the car had been 'taken' but I wasn't going to go to the beach.... Long story short, we finally found that our car had been 'relocated' as they are resurfacing the parking garage. Odd, there is this thing called a telephone, that one could use to notify someone that their car was being towed to another floor. Hum, didn't realize until recently that the parking garage is obviously run by the U.S. government, as it certainly does things inefficiently and unnecessarily expensive. With idiots in charge.

Anyway, we were off...

We arrived, drove along the beach, finally parking and just hung out, enjoying the weather, views and people. Oh my, there are so many people who obviously have no mirrors at their homes. Otherwise they'd NEVER go out looking like that. Serious.

We watched some kids surfing, and some people fishing and just soaked in the moment.

Reluctantly, we tore ourselves away from the surf, back to our car and headed to dinner at a restaurant we'd actually eaten at a few years ago.

We were going to sit out on the deck, but there were a lot of nasty birds around, so I just couldn't. Instead we sat by a window looking out at the water, where we saw this tall ship moored.

I asked our waitress about it, only to learn we'd actually seen this tall ship last year when she was in Chicago at the tall ship show. She is the 'Official Tall Ship of Texas'.


What a long trip she took last year, I'd have liked to have made that trek.

Great afternoon, great end to a great week in Texas...


  1. Wonderful post. ^_^ The ocean does have her way of making us feel "ALIVE". I know that I love our coastal life...even the seagulls laughing at us.


  2. Every year we talk about selling our beach house....But then we go there and wonder why we would ever think such a thing. I get recharged on the beach.
    Happy Earth Day