Monday, April 4, 2011


We had Spring Break last week. Well, even though I don't work regularly at the school anymore, I still thought of it as my Spring Break. I didn't head off to the tropics... I headed to the couch pretty much all week, feeling like dying would be a welcome relief to whatever was overtaking my respiratory system. Kleenex, Vicks and Ginger Ale were my friends.

I did rally on Saturday to host a birthday soiree for my oldest child, to whom I gave birth to when I was 5.  Do NOT EVEN consider arguing that with me.

Anyway, I had the family, minus the city kids (they had to work, boo hiss) over to party. And, because, I think she's pretty serious in her relationship, I invited his parents. (I'd held out, because we are all so weird I didn't want that to be the deal breaker). Super nice people, gotta say, my kids have a knack for picking out good 'in laws'.

Anyway, Typhoid Ardith, hosted a casual party, took some really crappy pictures. WHAT is up with my camera (it COULDN'T be the user).... Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and Jessica seemed to enjoy her presents.

 (told you the pictures were bad)

After that was over, we headed to a fundraiser sponsored by a sweet local girl who has MS. She hosts this every year, making a LARGE donation to the MS Society. In spite of my ongoing illness, we had a great time. And something that NEVER happens to anyone with the last name of Trumpy happened........

We won the 50/50. and it was sssswwwweeeeeeeetttttt... just sayin'.... really sweet.

One other little thing, why is it you can blow gallons of crap out of your head and not lose a pound? Seriously, I really should be a size 0. Or maybe even in children's sizes by now.

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  1. You're too hard on yourself. The pictures are really not bad. They reminded me of my own family get togethers.
    Congrats on the 50/50! Hope you are feeling better...