Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 Last summer, we had a 'raccoon' encounter, that caused Corbin and I to laugh.... a lot. 

I was putting out the dogs for the last time that night, he went out to lock his truck.  I noticed the garage door was open and pushed the button to put it down. As I walked back in, I saw Corbin staring at the garage, slack jawed.... then I saw it.... a fat raccoon body caught by the garage door... it's head stuck. It was flailing all over the place. I pushed the button, the door came up and the fat raccoon fell down, jumped up and ran toward Corbin, saw him, looped around and headed for the back yard. We laughed... for a while; it was funny, he was ok... Corbin said what made him look was he thought he heard water running. I said you'd pee too if your head was stuck in the garage door!

The next day, I inspected the situation. Our garage is NOTHING to write home about. Old and drafty, there was a gap that obviously his skull could catch in, but it wasn't tight enough to kill him. Whew.

Fast forward to this spring. Mark and I loaded up to go out for dinner. As we backed out of the garage and he closed the door, there it was again. A big fat raccoon body stuck. Same place. I will say, it renders me speechless when it happens, and I pointed stuttered and punched the button. Wham! he landed on his butt, took off behind the garage ~ again.

Good grief.

So, Saturday night, we came home from dinner, I got out at the gate, while Mark put the car in the garage. He stopped, got out. Then I saw something in the driveway. It was a raccoon. A HUGE raccoon, laying on it's side, darling little hands (I find so fascinating) crossed.   Dead.

We were gobsmacked. Mark said he didn't see anything fall from the garage door when he ran it up? I didn't notice any thing when we left... where did he come from? What happened?

Mark made the removal for the night, and buried him the next day. Poor buddy, I'm afraid he fell victim to my evil garage door.

I'm going to miss that fat little bugger, tearing threw my garbage, leaving hand prints all over the porch and stealing birdseed from the feeder while standing on the back porch rail.

He could after all be family. We've raised a lot of baby raccoons over the years.

It's not such a funny story anymore.

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  1. That is funny but not... I have a friend who had racoons get into her house through the cat/doggie door while they were gone. When the little boys who fed the cats while they were away came over to feed the cats, there they were helping themselves to the dry catfood! LOL All I could think about was the commercial where the racoons are sitting on the couch watching TV with the remote in their hands when she told me LOL.

    Hugs XX