Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, I'm back from the great state of Texas, and my lounging about guilt free. Home to dirty laundry, dirty house and the impending doom of school starting, and me having to be up and at it a couple days a week.... I'm just NOT ready for school, fall and the like. We are only just having summer here, this week.

Enough complaining....

I've actually been home, well, not REALLY home but here in Illinois since Friday night. Since it was WARM, and summer like, we spent the weekend at the boat. I forgot my camera on Saturday, but took it yesterday and got a cool picture of the strange low lying clouds that rolled in - fog-like- purple haze.... which brings me to...

It was a pretty interesting weekend in Chicago, Lallapalooza (a big music venue- I MEAN BIG) was going on and there were thousands of young people listening to the different concerts. We got to listen free, as we could hear from the harbor as well as from out on the lake. It was loud, and actually pretty cool. I, really didn't know who was singing most of the time, but did hear Lou Reed, singing "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" and my daughter (and the news) said Snoop Dog was singing, so I heard him too. Anyway, with all this said, I'll confess that I didn't do anything on my Paper Popsicles stuff, and FREE FRIDAY is just 4 days away... and my knitting just rode back and forth in the car with me. So enough pontificating and I'll get to work... on something for your viewing pleasure, and creative sorts!!


  1. OMG, get to work lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL (awesome photo!)

  2. my excitement over Freebie Friday and blogging all my cyber-friends about it.....I FORGOT TO GET MY FREEBIE!!!!! Do you think you can pull some "strings" for me and get me that adorable Elizabeth Freebie?????? (doesn't hurt to ask...)