Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm in Houston. My husband lives here 4 days a week, in a pretty cool apartment, right downtown. He lives in an old building that was a hotel in it's heyday- welcoming visitors of the 'famous nature'. Anyway, it's now been renovated into an apartment building, and it's kinda, sorta, loftish style. I'm liking the funky old windows in different sizes, and the ceilings that show the concrete rafters and the pipes & duct work. The very best thing, is that I can sit around and do nothing but work on my Paper Popsicles stuff and knit and not feel guilty AT ALL, that I'm not doing laundry, or dusting, or washing the floors, or weeding, or putting away laundry, or trying to find the floor in my son's room... you get the idea. And of course the BIGGEST thing, is that like real regular people, he comes home at night, after work and I'm here- you know, the 'Hi, honey, I'm home thing'....Now unlike regular people at home, I am not making dinner, we are eating out. Last night an Italian restaurant, and then a bar in the lobby for some live music, tonight- the theater. It's like a mini vacation!! Actually, his life is kind of like a mini vacation.

Now, you all may be wondering WHY we live this way? He's a consultant, and right now, he needs to consult in Houston. So he goes where the work is- it works. Sometimes it gets old, but it works. Funny how money can make you see the 'best' in everything.

So with that said, I can't show you the new Paper Popsicles stuff, you have to check THAT WEBSITE so see that stuff.... but I can show you my cool knitting project. I've gone way beyond scarves, but that's what I'm knitting, to learn this stitch; it's called entrelac- and it's confusing. I've got it- but not with out a bit of 'oh damn' ripping it back and redoing now and then.


  1. Love your knitting!!! Houston is HOT in the summer...hope you are staying cool... and I don't think anyone these days think it's weird to do what you gotta dor for a paycheck!!!

  2. Aptment is very the ceiling and the view must be amazing!! Speaking of "The View" that what's on the TV....UGH!!!!
    The scarf is gorgeous...will it be ready for me to wear in the fall??????
    Can't wait to see the new digital stamps...I love the sarcastic sayings and the bathing suit lady is hysterical!

  3. Great knitting!!! And such cool pics of the windows, so neat with the light coming in that way.

  4. Oh I love those colors. Something for me perhaps?