Thursday, August 6, 2009

the THEATRE.....

Last night, my husband and I attended the 'Theatre' here in Houston. He got the tickets, and I'll admit when he told me we were going to see a play I was excited. My excitement was only to be quickly dashed when he said we'd be seeing "Sherlock Holmes". Now, he likes that kind of stuff, me not so much- but, having been raised with good manners, I was gracious. So we dressed up, not in evening clothes, but looked nice, and went off. We didn't really have time for dinner, so we headed over to the Arts district and had an appetizer and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe then onto Sherlock.

It was good. I mean REALLY GOOD. The play was called "Sherlock Holmes; The Crucifer of Blood"; and although not intended to be a comedy I am sure, was redone with some comedic twists. I really enjoyed it AND we had front row seats. The butler stole the show, hunch back and all...

After our cultural experience we headed back to the same place we ended the night before for more drinks, and another tasty appetizer and some live music. Just enough food- and no we are not drunks... for the most part.

So today, I am back at it with the Paper Popsicles digital designs and my knitting. I finished my book, so I may have to venture out to the best bookstore for some new reading material. Here's a view of my world at the moment...

all that's missing is me, but someone had to take the picture.... isn't that elementary my dear Watson?????

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  1. Yes, my dear Watson....Elementary!!!!!
    How fun!!! Glad you are enjoying the nightlife! Freebie Friday is almost upon us!!!!