Monday, August 3, 2009


I survived my house guests. My father in law is a nice man, and it is good to have him visit (better yet, visit, then head off to a hotel) brutally honest there - huh? It was good to see him. The girlfriend is just a weird situation. Period.

We had a busy weekend, and a full house on Saturday night. My house guests, my city livin' daughter and her boyfriend and two friends of my sons, in addition to my son, husband and I. My older daughter and her boyfriend were at their own home, but should have joined the fun!!! Kinda felt like a B & B here. Before the big slumber party, we all attended an engagement party for my niece. She and her fiancee seem to be quite happy and the family is excited for them both.

Today, my sister in law and her husband joined my own personal Captain and I on the boat for a GORGEOUS day of sailing. We were actually able to sail ALL afternoon, into the evening and enjoy sun at the same time- kinda felt like Chicago, like it should be. Tonight I am still swaying. My husband's entire immediate family has been on the boat- I'm not sure just how to orchestrate getting my sister, her husband and oldest son and my mom to join us at the boat, but would really like too.

Tomorrow evening, I am off to Houston. I'm joining my husband at his apartment for the week. I plan to work on digital designs for Paper Popsicles, knit (I'll take a picture of my most interesting project) and read. I may have time to watch a little CSI, or Law & Order reruns and of course a little light shopping. (Light because downtown Houston doesn't have many places to shop).

I'll be around- busy, working diligently on something... so stay tuned......

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  1. YOU SURVIVED!!!!! So you aren't going to explain the "husband apartment"?????? LOL