Sunday, August 16, 2009


We spent the weekend in Chicago at the boat, of course. It was the Air and Water Show and also our 29th wedding anniversary. Saturday, we intended to get up early and go in, but, my blackberry was experiencing some technical difficulties, and we had to veer off the route to have it looked at. Crisis averted, it was fixable.

My oldest daughter and her beau met us and we FINALLY got the anchor secured and enjoyed an amazing view. WOW, is the only word that comes to mind. Those pilots are fabulous. Those planes zooming in and around the lakefront and city; flying upside down, in formation, straight up, straight down, barrel rolls... I could go on and on.

Since it was our anniversary weekend (actually today), we stayed in the city at the lovely Palmer House- what an elegant hotel. We had a delicious, late dinner and drinks.

This morning we awoke to sunshine, but as it did 29 years ago today, the weather went to hell. It began to look squiffy as we got to the boat, and then when my son, his best buddy and their 'girls' and my oldest daughter and nephew joined us, it seemed to get even darker. (once again, my middle daughter missed out as she had to work- that's the thing about work- it interferes with fun- that's why it's just NOT for me). Anyway, it was windy, gusty, and rough, but we set off to enjoy day 2 of the show. It rained.

Not the whole time, but a couple soaking times- this does not do wonders for ones hair. I, being older and wiser than the kids, tried to avoid said soaking, by hiding out in the cabin, along with my daughter (I raised no fool).

We reluctantly surrendered to the ugliness,and went back to the harbor, of course the sun came out and the planes started again, so we watched from afar. We fired up the grill and had lunch. When the last of the planes roared through, we dropped the kids at the harbor, and took our boat back to it's buoy. OMG- the sky opened and it monsoon poured complete with lightening, thunder, the whole enchilada- JUST LIKE THE DAY WE GOT MARRIED. (We should have heeded this as a warning)

Anyway, my husband and I holed up in the boat, waiting for one of the midwest's lovely storms to blow through and the tender to pick us up. There is a sinking feeling when you call for pick up only to be told it is suspended for the time being due to weather.

Obviously, we did eventually get off the boat, and home, and I must say I am exhausted. It was a fun weekend, and for the most part it's been a fun 29 years. But, there is a reason the Air & Water Show is dubbed as a "WET & WILD WEEKEND"......

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