Saturday, October 10, 2009

cold, cold, cold......

Hello.... it's October, not January here.

We still have our boat in the water. In Lake Michigan, which I am sincerely hoping isn't frozen solid, with one lone sailboat stuck there....

A while ago, I suggested we have one last family hurrah aboard panache.... As my middle daughter and her beau work retail, they needed a month to secure the day off. So we selected tomorrow, thinking October, Illinois, could be beautiful. Well, it's not- at least that's the prediction. It's supposed to freeze tonight. So it's highly unlikely it'll warm up to comfortable 'on the water' temps. But, MAYBE there'll be sun. Maybe.

But, we are salty ole sailors (not me, or the girls), and we are going anyway. Instead of grilling on the boat, however, we are going to partake in a bar my husband has had a hankering to visit. It's a sailor's bar. Hopefully we won't run into Brutus, while Popeye and the fam are drinking hot totties. What is a hot tottie?

Stay tuned for the frozen photos from tomorrow's event and send warm thoughts my way..... anyone know where I can buy cute long underwear?


  1. Oh are gonna be freezin girl!!!!!

  2. Hope the weather played nice...and if not...I hope you had a great plan of attack! Looking forward to the pics!