Monday, October 26, 2009


So last Thursday night, I thought my house smelled a little old house (ish) so I lit a candle on the stove. And promptly forgot about it. Forgot about it until the NEXT morning, when I got up and noticed it. If you are new around here, I live in an old, old house. One made of old dry wood, which would burn like crazy given the chance. Fortunately it was not given the chance and it didn't burn. Thank you Jesus.

On to my next dippy thing...

So, today, I went to the beach. I am in Florida visiting my father in law and later in the week an old friend. My husband and I settled in at the beach with all our snacks, drinks, sunscreen, books, towels, chairs and of course my camera. I took some great photos to post here.... some of the beach, my husband swimming, some seagulls, boats, you get the idea. It will remain just an idea because I didn't have the CF card in my camera.

I'm losing it, I tell you.....


  1. Oh no, my dear! I'm very worried about you...very. You are beginning to sound just like me! LOL! Soooo very glad the candle caused no harm and I had a great giggle over the camera incident. While I know it isn't at all funny, the humor comes from knowing how often I do those sorts of things. Hang tight...they say it only gets worse. LOL!

  2. YIKES! I'm surprised the camera even worked...mine won't if the card isn't in!!! LOL