Thursday, October 8, 2009


Once years ago, and I mean years, I had a conversation with someone about her 'tenant' in a crummy apartment building. This person went to introduce herself as the new owner of the building, knocking on door after door meeting people. She came to this lady's door, introduced herself and said, as we are all wont to do..... 'hi,I'm blah, blah, I'm your new landlord, how are you?' To which this lady answered,' well, I'm sick'..... the friend said, 'oh my, well I do hope you feel better soon' to which her new tenant replied, ' well, I've been sick since the 60's'. This was the 80's, she looked fine, just unkempt and lazy. We laughed. I've become that woman with this damn headache.

I've had a headache since the 80's, I'm sure. Hum, I got married and had kids in the 80's- maybe there's a correlation here???? Seriously, it's a malady that I suffer from regularly. I don't want to complain- but c'mon, enough is enough. I've done everything you can think of with a headache.... and I'm sick of it. So I'm off, in a drug haze- to deal with 300 loud little mouths.

So, with that little rant over, and no, I don't feel better, I've got to go to work today, early, for a meeting, before school, with a headache. Maybe I should go back to the 60's and think about that kind of haze.... that might just knock the headache....

....then again, it might make it worse. Look what it did for Janis Joplin - I'll be she had headaches too.


  1. I am not sure whether to chuckle or nod my head in understanding. If I do either, the piercing pain in my brain will intensify and I will cry. The thought of your day makes me shudder. I get the recurring headaches and no matter how much you cry uncle, it doesn't give. Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Well............I will say that you looked marvelous on Thursday and you sure did hide that headache! Awww....headaches suck....ya know, my doc prescribed Midrin and that is REALLY helping mine(tension headaches) Try to figure out if they are migraines,sinus or tension....then u can figure out the trigers and go from there. Hope this weekend is pain-free.