Friday, January 7, 2011


HATE IT. Period.

So, I ran out of moisturizer, and bought some rather expensive stuff the other day and have been slathering it on. I kinda thought maybe it was making a difference.

The other morning, I was putting on makeup and noticed my eyelid looked a bit red, and kinda itched? Or did it? Didn't think anything more, and this morning, it was bbbaaacccckkkkk.... I put some steroid cream I had for another itch on my leg...which actually was a pretty funny story.

My good friend, who works in the medical field scared the daylights out of me, after I complained of a 'mole' on my leg that itched. She was fairly certain, this was a REALLY bad thing, and I had visions of being legless, or dead from it. I really like my Dr. but he is SO hard to get in to. I had to wait a few days...didn't they get it? I was terrified, this 'mole' that I'd had for a year or two, was killing me.

I finally got to the Dr. he said it was nothing, but agreed to remove it for biopsy. He did note that I had sun damage...HELLO.... I was a teenager in the 70's...ever hear of baby oil and iodine? Anyway, I had a couple stitches which he said I should come back the next week to have removed. I asked if my husband could do it, we were heading to Florida. He looks at me, cocks his eyebrow and says... so you can enhance your sun damage. Point taken. ANYWAY, I went home, somewhat relieved that the Dr. was right and my friend was wrong. Melanoma was most likely NOT on my leg.

So the Dr's office called, the nurse said it was.... PSORIASIS....what? One tiny little spot? Isn't that something you get everywhere? Well, she said, not necessarily, and they would give me a steroid cream to put on the spot if it bothered me again, in spite of the fact that it was cut out. And, okay I did ask if the steroid cream would make me sprout a mustache. After a small pregnant pause, she said, no, it wasn't THAT strong. (She lacks a sense of humor).

So, that was the cream I put on my itchy eyelid. I can't say it feels better... I'm afraid it is caused by my new face moisturizer, that for sure was making me look younger, and that I spent a fortune on....

So, with that all confessed, I need someone to pay for a little nip/tuck. Mark won't... he doesn't want me to look like Michael Jackson.
Did I mention a nose job???? NO, I just want a little facial tightening!

I just MIGHT have to get a real job to fund this...


  1. OMG......this had me laughing my ass off!!!

    But.....that could be psoriasis on your eyelid darlin.

  2. Bite your tongue... it's hard to have your eyelids you that zombie 'stare' look.....