Saturday, January 1, 2011


Looking back,as we say good-bye to 2010....

I started the year finally facing the fact that I needed to address my ear ache problem and learned that I am basically allergic to everything I come in contact with. And, that I do indeed have hearing loss..... so WHAT has become a seriously overused word in my vocab..

I got a spiffy new washer and dryer... loaded with more cycles than I could ever understand, or use. We tackled the dining room floor and redid the coat closet. It was an awful mess...serious.

March came along with birthdays galore, my girls, my husband and my mom. So I did a lot of shopping! I got RIFed from my job.

We began readying the boat for the season. Scarlett had an art show in Chicago and we got together with our great friends the Wright's for a night of too much fun.

May rolled in with a fun girl's weekend at a friend's lake house. Actually it was only one night....couldn't have lived through another!! Launched the boat for the longest Mother's Day on record. It was cold, and took forever! Co-hosted a bridal shower for a close friend's son & daughter in law. Got re-hired for my job. Saw the tragic death of a sweet girl of whom I was fond. Too much senseless youth death in our area.

June rolled in with school being over, a wedding, and a girls week at a different lake house than the afore mentioned one. Had a seriously nasty storm that caused a lot of damage, including breaking my street lamp. I was sad. We got a replacement globe, but it's just not as cool...The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and we all celebrated it! We sailed a LOT. We were delighted with the fact we were having a hot Chicago summer. Moving on in our floor projects, we repainted the checkerboard floor in a black and white. I like it. A LOT. Finished off the month of June in Houston where they were feeling the effects of a Hurricane. It was fun to be there with Mark anyway.

July rolled in with the purchase of a new car, a Land Rover. I totally love it, now that I MORE or LESS know what all the buttons are for. We celebrated Corbin's birthday on the 4th. Spent a lot of time on the boat, enjoying the heat and the sun. Found out that Clementine (our yorkie) has a nasty disease that will eventually kill her. (She's doing great now, with the drug combo that I keep tweaking). Saw Sting at Ravinia... ran off with him.

August came rolling in with the reality that I wasn't going back to work. They decided no job sharing for me, so I resigned. Not to sound like the spoiled brat I can be, but it just doesn't fit my life at the moment to work full time. We celebrated our 30th anniversary. Went to Ravinia with the fam to see Counting Crows ~ love it there. It was a most fun evening! Enjoyed the Air & Water Show from the lake, with the family on the boat. Had another FUN time with our good friends the Wrights. This time in Chicago, boating, drinking, eating, laughing ~ love those guys! Spent a LOT of time on the boat. Jessica decided to go back to school, and began her 1st semester, we were extremely proud of her for getting straight A's.

September came in and what a month. We started with my birthday, which I am not so excited by, so that's that. I went to a taping of Oprah, it's really hardly worth mentioning. It was the worst most boring show she's ever done. DISAPPOINTMENT.

Next came our high school class reunion, which was so much fun. We saw people we hadn't seen since we graduated, as well as friends we see all the time. It was an evening to remember.

We had made plans to head to the Amalfi coast for our anniversary, but had to cancel that trip when our son was in a serious, life threatening accident. We spent that week at a trauma hospital instead. Thankfully he recovered and is doing quite well. Really pretty much back to normal. I spent the next couple months being referred to as Nurse Ratched. A role I could relate to. We did manage to steal some time for the boat, before the accident and after we knew he was going to be okay. It was a catharsis for us to be out on the water.

October came with the discovery of a litter of stray kittens, that I eventually trapped and gave to someone to have as pets! What an angel that woman is. We also trapped the mother, who is feral, and had her spayed. We sailed more than one might have thought, as it was WARM!! Like one day it hit 85!! Sadly, we saw the sailing season come to an end and sailed the boat up to where we dry dock it. Scarlett had another Chicago art show.

November took us back to the year of the floor. We redid the floors in the living room and family room. It was a job we are both glad is over. It necessitated redecorating, which somehow necessitated new furniture in the family room! I am really pleased with the outcome. All this was accomplished before Thanksgiving, which we hosted at our house, which was done and put back together in time. Not a lot of time, but IN TIME!!!

We saw the death of our sweet Maltese, Phoebe, who was with us for 15 years. She was a very good girl, and I miss her.

December found us heading to Florida to attend my father in law's wedding. It was cold there, of course, so no beach time for us. We also headed down to visit an old friend, and enjoyed hanging out with her. Came home to the realization that Christmas was looming so I spent the rest of the month shopping!!! Christmas came and went and we all enjoyed a bevy of presents and family fun.

We had a small party to ring in the new year last night. I'm still recovering. I'm kinda lethargic today. Hope this isn't an indication of my activity level for 2011!!

Whew... it was a year, full of laughter, tears, terror and ultimately happiness. Now, onto 2011... hope it's one without tears and terror.

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