Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I told you all that I was working out at the gym.... well, my trainer (does that not sound cool???) is killing me.  He's working me to death, which frankly is probably pretty easy for him as I am in not so tip top shape.

Anyway, he's working my thighs.... and they hurt.  Like Hell. Like stairs (of which have I mentioned are prevalent in my house) are killers... but the real the toilet........ or the USE of it.

See, ladies and gentlemen, you don't realize how to use said thighs to sit, and even worse to STAND... I need those handle things elderly people have....I'm feeling elderly let me tell ya. 

I put off going there until I HAVE TO... and even worse, I find myself hanging out in there, avoiding standing...ugh... who knew????? Is this too much information? Maybe.....

 So, moving on,  I'm gearing up for the ONE HAND ONE HEART extravaganza beginning Sunday. Got my 'give away'... actually might even have two things... I'm on a roll!! Amazing what you can accomplish when you are unable to get up!!!

Stay tuned!


  1. ROFL!!!!! HEY...I've got an available toilet-aide hanging around now.....heehee!

  2. HA!!! You crack me up!!!! Thanks for the laugh!