Sunday, January 23, 2011



listening: duh... the BEAR'S GAME

eating: does chewing on a pencil count?

drinking: diet coke in a wine glass (yeah, I'm classy like that).

wearing: jeans and a lavender shirt.

feeling: stunned by something I just heard.

weather: COLD but sunny.

wanting: a vacation (still).

needing: it to be summer.

thinking: about doing some laundry.

enjoying: the sunshine!.

wondering: why I'M watching a football game???

On another note, in the house of 'cooking' men, this week we are featuring CHILI, by Corbin... let me tell you, this boy can make a mean chili. It'll blow your head off, which I can use, because mine is always suffering the ill effects of something....

I know you are wondering if I EVER cook.... well, not if I can help it.

Seriously, I am trying to stimulate the economy by ordering out as much as I can. Geesh... we ALL need to do our part!

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  1. Love the "currents" idea! Have not thought of that. Stopping by from blogfrog to show some bloggy love! Would love to see you stop by Ashes to Roses :)

  2. Love your house...I think you might enjoy my Dec/Nov blogs...and my house too...where do you live?