Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Mark was up to his old tricks in the kitchen. He was cooking. And what a cook he is. This time it was a delightful pork loin and his famous 'taters...which are NORMALLY done on the grill. But it wasn't grill weather. Not even close. So he improvised in the black cast iron 'spider' that we inherited from my grandma. I'm thinking of the chicken she fried in it, and almost can't continue... what I wouldn't give for some of that.


It was delish. And, I ate, and ate and ate. This came on the heals of the Dr. office calling to tell me my cholesterol was just a bit to high, not bad, but not perfect. Took that to heart didn't I, whaling down on the potatoes.

But, I knew it was cool... I had 'the appointment'. So I went to my 'appointment'. It was diagnostic. And I lived thru it.

I've officially started working with a trainer at the local gym. Frankly, I don't think I'm going to like it, it involves sweating, and pain, neither of which is my fave. But, I'm giving it a try. And, of course I did have to go out and get all the correct accoutrements. It's all about how you look....RIGHT????



  1. wow.......good for you!!!! But I just can't picture you sweating!!!!!!!

  2. Any chance you can talk him into sharing the recipe? Looks like something my husband would love! suekimmet@gmail dot com

  3. Come on Joan, let's sneak down and watch her through the window ;)