Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday, I met my college roommate for lunch. There was SO much to discuss; I find it interesting how she and I can not see each other for a long (way too long) time and pick right up where we left off chatting away. We both always joke that we need to make a list of things to discuss- we really do, just to stay on track!! Funny, from the time we met, we were best buddies- like we'd known each other for a lifetime. I guess it really has been a life time since we graduated quite a few years ago - ugh.

So 'lunch' started at Panera for coffee at 10 am- and continued with some shopping and then real lunch and we finally parted at 4:30. We most definitely need to meet more often that once a year. Good lord, we only live an hour apart, and can easily meet in the middle.

We had so much fun in college...more than we should have I'm sure, as I think back. Seeing her jogs my memory to things that were just so fun- I loved college, and would go back to that time in a heartbeat. I remember when I went away to college, my dad said ' enjoy this, it is the best time of your life'.

He was right- it was.

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  1. YOur Dad sure was right! I would love to go back to those college days again too....omg, what fun we would have had in college together!!!!!!
    Glad you had such a wonderful time!