Saturday, April 17, 2010


Friday night, I picked up my daughter, Jessica and drove on into the airport to pick up my husband. We then shot into Chicago. Well, shot would be an exaggeration... we bucked the Chicago traffic and FINALLY got in there. We picked up my other daughter, Scarlett and one of her life long friends, Heather and headed over to an art show. The first Chicago Art Show for Scarlett!! This was held at a gallery next to The Tattoo Factory. And arty it was!! There were many 'arty' sorts, some in their dress, their hair, their attitudes, and their body art. I felt so dull and colorless!!

Anyway, we had drinks and appetizers first, at a nearby restaurant waiting for Scarlett and Heather's bodyfriends to get off work. Like piglets, we ate and drank, taking the leftovers for the guys, who joined us at the show.

She had three pictures in the show- and they all sold. AND NOT TO HER MOTHER!!!! They were already sold when we arrived- 3 of the 5 total sold in the show! Pretty fun stuff eh???

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  1. They are absolutely adorable, whimsical & fun!!! That's awesome that they were sold!