Monday, April 5, 2010


Since Jessica's birthday was in the middle of the week, and Easter fell on the Sunday after (as it has many times) we had a double celebration here at my house. I decided to try my hand at pulled pork. Well, really I decided to try my husband's hand at it.... it was DELISH!!

My husband and son smoked the pork with some apple wood on the grill after putting a rub on it. It was really tasty even without bar-b-que sauce on it, we felt compelled to try it as we were pulling it. That is a job... ughhh... not fun... had I been made to do much more I might have gotten carpel tunnel from it!!!

We also served our family favorite cheesy potatoes that are just so healthy... ummm.... taters, mayo, cheese, bacon; we all love them. Seriously, who wouldn't? And, we also made, even though I don't like them,'Southern Baked Beans' from an Atlanta Cookbook. It cracked me up as the recipe was Mrs. Charles Parker... my, my, I felt kinda like a member of the Junior League, in spite of my Yankee- ness; a strawberry spinach salad, deviled eggs... you get the idea.

Everyone came over, my mom, my sister, her husband, their four kids, and my three kids and one of the beaus. My middle daughter's beau had to miss this event, hopefully he'll be at the next one. So here's some pictures of the way things went down here... nothings ever normal 'round here.. or is it?
my three kids incognito.....

Phoebe amidst the debris....

There's a view of the day... we're a fun group, can't ya tell??


  1. awwww...such a wonderful family can see all the love for each other! How sweet Joyce Ann holding on to your daughter with the cake! Too funny with the mustaches and lips! I have mustache rub-ons for a LO!!!!