Thursday, April 22, 2010


I do accomplish something creative. You all remember the owl purse I made for the One Hand, One Heart give away (that I won NOTHING in, but my friend Joan shared, as she was a mega winner...anyway) don't you? Well, my daughter Scarlett saw it, and wanted one, so I whipped one up for her for her birthday..

Then, my daughter, Jessica said, she wanted one too.... and wouldn't a chihuahua be fun? Could I make that? Well, that's all I need. So I perused the yarn supply both here and at the yarn store and came up with 'Molli tan'- just like HER chihuahua Molli, and began. After several attempts and starts I came up with the chihuahua bag....

I'm into the mini animal purse thing, and am contemplating my next creature feature!!


  1. OMG those are so darn cute!!!!! The Molly purse is adorable!!! You've got to do a bunny purse!!!!!

  2. Very cute! I recommend a black cat. Just sayin'...........